Are you ready find the REAL trigger for your head pain once and for all?

Our Headache Empowerment Session shows you how!


As someone who has taken the time to fill out our Headache Symptom Analyser, we would like to help you (or your friends and family) to get the most out of your commitment by offering you the following:

  • A comprehensive subjective exam where we will listen to your pain story, examine any underlying causes of your pain, evaluate any previous treatments you have had and explain how we do things differently (value $79)  


  • A complete biomechanical assessment of your upper neck using the world-leading Watson Headache Approach® (for headache/migraine) by one of our highly trained and experienced practitioners (value $99)  


  • A full treatment to show you how we can make a difference fast, plus a personalised, written treatment plan (Value $99)  

The total value of this package is $277.... but you can have all of this for only $119. It’s even less if you have Private Health Extras Cover!

Terms and Conditions: Offer Valid for New Patients of The Headache and Pain Management Centre who have filled out our Headache Symptom Analyser Offer Expires June 30, 2019.